Parents Testimonials

Dear Rabbi Glogauer & KTC staff,
I would like to pass on some feedback about preschool education results.
Daniel started Year K this year in Melbourne after a wonderful few years at KTC Preschool and the results are clear that KTC preschool offers brilliant school readiness. His teacher asked today, where did he go to preschool? After saying KTC in Sydney, she mentioned that compared to other children who have been to preschool it is evident he has had a very good foundation in learning fine motor skills, English, Hebrew and Davening.
So I felt the need to pass on the success of the brilliant KTC preschool learning program, it shows the results as we always knew it would.
Thank you once again for all your efforts, love and care of our children while we were in Sydney.
~Bindy & Simon Cohen
"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to call to wish Chana mazeltov on her HSC results. I wish you could have seen her smile when she heard your message, and she commented “that’s when you know you’re at a good school”. We are so proud of what she achieved – how good were those final examresults?!? Thanks to all Chana’s wonderful teachers who put so much of their time and effort into ensuring she achieved the best she could. Without their ‘beyond the call of duty’ efforts she would not have achieved as much - Miss Abbott's expert input regarding her major art work, Rabbi Lobel's Classical Hebrew podcasts, Mrs Srage's encouragement and refinement of her English work, and of course the huge amount of invaluable input from Mrs Shteyman including her constant belief in Chana’s ability to succeed and her determination that Chana reach her potential. KTC is truly unique in the amount of individual attention given to students and the genuine care for the welfare of each and every student. Thank you thank you!!"
~ Lauren Corna
"We have been very happy with Kesser Torah College.  The staff are fantastic and work as an integrated team in dealing with the individual needs of each of our four children, building on their strengths and developing them in those areas that need additional attention.  The school achieves great academic outcomes and we are able to look forward with confidence to our children receiving the sort of general and Jewish education that will equip them to deal with the challenges that lie ahead of them."
~ Alan Charak & Jacquie Seemann-Charak
"We see the College’s mission statement of Derech Eretz (acting with consideration to one’s fellow human beings) actualised in our daughters’ behaviour at home, and in their interaction with others."
~ Michal Rev
"Three years at Kesser Torah have been a wonderful experience for Efrat and Tzur as well as for us as their parents…

During their whole time at the school Efrat and Tzur enjoyed the personal care and attention given to them by all teachers and school staff. We enjoyed the personal contact with the teachers and the constant updates on our children’s progress. We appreciate the sensitivity to social needs and to building social skills, and the encouragement given to students to help and support each other…

In general we enjoyed many aspects of Kesser Torah College: the intimacy of the school, the warmth of the school staff, the diversity of the student population, the cleanliness of the premises, the views…

We wish the school success in the years to come, in continuing to promote its values of Excellence, Nurturing Environment and Derech Eretz."

~ Zeev & Sima Guttman
"I am delighted that my daughters are being educated in a warm, caring environment where developing their values is as important as developing their knowledge."
~ Russell Lazarus
"The children had such positive experiences there and we are so grateful to the teachers and staff for the warmth and excellent education they provided.
There is a lot we will miss at KTC! "
~ Sara Colman
Parents Testimonials

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